₱ 2,495,000

Ref No: 72568

2 bedroom Townhouse For Sale in Basak, Lapu-Lapu City

Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Townhouse for sale in Sudtunggan Basak, Lapu-lapu city Cebu

Townhouse (Fully finished)

Lot area: 40 sq. meter
Floor area: 45 sq.

Price: Php.2,495,000
Reservation fee: Php.15,000

1st-22nd month : Php.23,636.36

Equity and processing fee:
23rd-33rd month: Php.23,636.36

Features and Amenities:
Grand main entrance with guard house
Water features at main entrance gate
24 hours stationary and roving security guard
Swimming pool
Landscaped parks with benches
Concrete Curb and Gutter
Underground Drainage System
Perimeter Fence
Telephone and Cable Tv Lines
Cemented Sidewalk with Street Lights
Land Escaped Entrance
Land Escaped Gardens and Open Areas, and
Fire Hydrants.
For site tour, reservation payment, and other concern please call or text to us.
We will help you to find your home sweet home.

The developer has the right to change the price and other payment scheme without prior notice to us. The developer has its rule, the first come first serve rule means the available unit for today might not available tomorrow that is why we encourage you to reserve the unit by paying the corresponding reservation fee to hold the unit for you.

We at the ALJT Realty would like to inform you that our prices here is not from us but from the developer or seller, we do not add extra charges or changed the true price, we strictly follow the rule of transparency if there is any discrepancy of the price it might be wrong in encoding or the listing is not updated. ALJT Realty's mission and vision is to help and protect our buyers.

  • Property Details
  • Type:
  • Lot Area:
    40 m2
  • Floor Area:
    45 m2
  • Bedroom:
  • Bathroom:
  • Car Spaces:
  • Has Garden:
  • Pet Allowed:
  • Updated Date:
    October 24, 2019
  • Location:
    Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Broker / Agent Information

Lucio Cañete




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Broker / Agent Information

Lucio Cañete




Send a message to Lucio

About Us


ALJT Realty and Brokerage is the arm of Sound of God's Trumpet Church Inc.

Almighty Lord Jesus Trumpet Realty and Brokerage, in short ALJT Realty as it is known, is an established Cebu Based Realty. The company is primarily engaged in providing House and Lot, Lot only, Farm Land, Condominium including Services such as Rentals, Documentations and related services for various clients within the Real Estate Industry.

NO more sales quota
No experience accepted
No ranking schemes
All salespersons are entitled to 80% commission

Change of Policy

The ALJT Realty and Brokerage has changed its commission rate policy from 60% to 80% whether an agent has an experience or not and also slashing the sales quota requirement to allow the agent to profit with his or her precious efforts and enjoy the big commission of their backyard client.

What is really happening now is that they are abused by the upline and the leading realty firm. They have been milking them until the last drop. The uplines have enjoyed the overrides from the backyard clients of the new agents. They teach them to reserve during the launching and force them to sell it within one month in order to have a close deal.

This strategy is being practice by the leading realty firm in Cebu and even in the Philippines as a whole to get the incentive from the developer without considering the evil effect of this strategy. They only want to use new recruits to take advantage of the fever and their backyard clients.

Point of view: Real Estate Industry in the Philippines

1. It is unfair for the sales agents because they are deprived of right commission
2. It is not fair for the other sellers
3. Giving the impression to the developer that it has an overwhelming demand in housing and push them to develop more projects for money
4. After they have reserved the house and lot or condo with an agreement to sell them within one month to the real buyer else would be forfeited and the developer will reopen them but the prices become double.
5. This practice could affect both the future buyers and the developers because developments will bubble because of very high price that many could not afford.
6. If this will continue the Real Estate Industry in Cebu will collapse and the developer will incur much losses of say billions.
7. Most of the sales agent would starve and only the upline and the leading realty firm owner who are using them will benefit on this strategy.
8. I intend to remove the sales quota so that the new sales agent can enjoy the commission of their backyard and its up for them to choose now whether 2.5% given from the leading real estate firm to them or 80% that the ALJT Realty and Brokerage offered to them. This is also good to weaken the recruitment of the leading realty firm and to prevent them to use their recruit on their mall practice in the Real Estate Industry like buying or reserving almost all the houses or condominiums and giving the burden to the new sales agents to sell them all in a fixed period with a small commission of 2.5%
9. Sales agents are made by the leading realty firm and their upline as front liners or peasants who will do all the burden of selling and the realty firm and the upline will enjoy the splendor of huge amount of income from the incentive and override commission with doing nothing at all.
10. The leading realty firms have designed their businesses like kingship or networking concept giving all the burden to the sales agents as peasants for their benefit.
11. Since the sales agents are given a quota and for a short period to sell the property, they have to do some unusual strategy of selling like some sales agents who are ladies are even selling to the extent like prostitutes just in order to close the deal and others are using deceptive words and exorbitant sales talk even unrealistic words with same purpose to close the deal.
12. By this practice of leading realty firm, the Real Estate Industry will becoming a bargain and the right of the buyer to a good quality houses would be defeated force the developer to develop inferior quality houses and condominiums to cut the construction cost and give them to the leading realty firm as incentives and additional commission rate like from 5% to 8% for fast sales rally and consumptions of their projects.
13. Giving higher incentives and additional commission rate from 5% to 8% to the leading realty firm but the burden actually of selling their projects were given to the other religious sellers selling the reopen houses and condominiums from the ghost buyers of the leading realty firms. The developers and the sales agents are just used by the leading realty firm for them to profit without considering the evil effect.
14. That is the reason why the value or price of houses and condominiums here in the Philippines are too high compared to other Asian nations that is based on the feedback of my foreign clients they said that they will invest in Thailand than in the Philippines because the prices in the Philippines are too high it needs a long period of time to have the return of investment (ROI).
15. If this kind of strategy will not be corrected what will happen in the future for the Real Estate Industry?
16. For the developers who consented of doing the same, do you think you will not suffer for this? Do your part let everybody will participate the selling remove the huge incentive and give equal commission rates to all sellers so that everybody will be happy.

The Managing Broker
Realtor Antonio Ruiz Bernales, MA, LLB, Software Engineer, SEO Specialist, REB, PASTOR
ALJT Realty and Brokerage

Associate Broker
Realtor Bruce Carlo L. Inopiquez , LLB, REB, REA
Rural Bank of Mandaue

Associate Broker
Realtor Araceli P. Bernales , REB
Senior Analyst
Social Security System - Cebu Branch

Now Hiring:

38 Real Estate Salespersons with or without experience

Avail of our new policy:
1. 80% Professional Fee or Commission
2. Lifetime override and transferable to the legal heir
3. With insurance benefit
4. With death benefit
5. Free training in the Local Stock Market and Forex

Apply in person at:
ALJT Realty and Brokerage Office
2nd floor of Rural Bank of Mandaue Annex bldg.
P. Zamora St., Centro, Mandaue City, Cebu
Office Telephone: 236-12-00
Mobile no: 09121081510/ 09509561773

Founder's Message:
Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you will make because it involves huge amount of money that can affect the financial status of the family. Here are some guidelines that may help the buyer to get the right house for the family.

Foreigner as buyer
The Foreigner should know that he can own a Condominium unit even if he is not married to a Filipina as provided under the Philippine Condominium Law. If he wants to buy a property other than Condominium Unit. He must choose a most trusted Filipino to act as a dummy. This will require an assistance of a lawyer.

Be prepared for an investment
Buying a House is considered as an investment. Ask yourself these questions: How much can I afford? Do I have enough savings or income to make the payments? Analyze your cash flow and see how much you can afford for a house purchase. Do I have to buy a lot only and build a house with my own design? Do I have to live in the house or for rental purposes only? Buyer must allocate a budget and go directly with the purpose of buying the house to narrow the search.

Know your priorities
Should I buy a house or a condo? If your final decision is a house, you must consider the following choices such as Row house, Townhouse, Duplex house, Single-attached house, or Single-detached house, and add in it the number of storey. There are just some of the options available in the market. Make a list of the features you want in your new home and arrange them in accordance to priorities. Another thing to consider are number of bedrooms, carport space for your cars, landscape garden, swimming pool, security for your safety, location of the subdivision and surroundings, the road for your ingress and egress, public transport, safe for natural calamities like tsunami, flood, landslide, typhoon, storm surge, and earthquake. List down your priorities these may help reduce stress and time in searching your home.

Stick to your budget
If you are fortunate to have sizeable amount set aside, you might want to consider a spot cash payment. Otherwise, there are many options for you to finance your purchase such as Pag-ibig or Bank or In-house financing schemes. Ask for a sample computation and see if this will fit your budget.

Ask for advice
Once you have an idea of the kind of house you are looking for, seek the advice of a License Real Estate Broker or License Real Estate Salesperson. They can point you in the direction of available properties that fits your wants and needs as well as steer you through the paper work and buying process. Because they are licensed professionals, you can be confident that they received the proper training to make sure your transaction flows smoothly.

Commercial purpose
If you are looking a commercial unit you must include the possible customers or clients for your business. You should choose a City for your business. If you want an investment for the house and lot you must choose a particular area a subject of ongoing developments like Lapu Lapu City or North area or to be safe seek the assistance of a License Real Estate Broker for proper guidance. The Broker can give you proper projection of the area whether it has a flat rate price or past-accumulating price.

Safety and Security reason
You should consider buying a house with 24 Hours security services and try to trace up the history of the place in terms of recorded violence related cases. Most especially if you are buying five million worth house. You must treasure your life as much as possible.

Know your Broker
The first thing to consider in engaging the assistance of a Broker is the background of the Broker you want to hire. Is he a trusted one and well equipped with the knowledge and training to guide you properly in the process and can help you for the documentations. Additional factor of a Broker is the knowledge of the law like if he is a graduate of Bachelor of Laws.

Advice the buyers
It is advisable for them to get a house and lot while they are young to avail a long term loan in the Bank or Pag-ibig Fund to have lower monthly amortization than during their old age where monthly amortization is high because they are restricted by their age to a Long-Term Loan Contract. Mostly, the regret of adults today. By this reason, they rented the house forever. That the monthly Amortization is synonymous to a rental but ultimately you will own the house plus Life insurance. If the borrower would die everything goes to the legal heirs no more obligation of the beneficiary to pay the loan because the insurer will pay the balance or unpaid loan;

Be open to compromise
Once you have seen what is available in the market, consider your options. If location is the most important factor for you but the house you want is beyond your budget, consider getting a different unit or model in the same community. Inner units, for example, tend to be cheaper than corner or end units. If your budget is only for a smaller house, find a house that can easily be expanded to suit your growing family's needs as this will make your renovation hassle-free in the future.;

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