Join us at ALJT Realty and Brokerage a Real Estate Agency in Cebu selling elegant, affordable and cheapest House and Lot, Lot only, Land, Beach Lot, Farm Land and Condominium in the Philippines

Are you a buyer’s family member?

You may avail our Profit Sharing Scheme for the buyer’s family member. For you to qualify, you must do the following:

  • Will do the House viewing
  • Will do the reservation
  • Will submit the required documents
  • Will act as a representative of the buyer.

    You will receive a 2% commission for your efforts in consummating the sale.

    Please note that you must tell the broker that you will avail this Profit Sharing Scheme.

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Are you a Direct Seller?

You can partner with us and let our high caliber young property sales managers to do the selling for you. We need you because we have thousands of potential buyers who are using our Official Website “”. We will assure you that your property is priced at the right amount and we only collect what is due to us nothing more, meaning we do not allow overpricing.

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Are you a job seeker? Join us!

If you are a second year college or have earned 72 units you may join and earn unlimited income opportunities. You may build your own business in Real Estate Industry to be financially stable.

We need more Real Estate Salespersons, Brokers, Appraisers, and Consultants. Be a member of our high caliber Real Estate Professionals who will work as partners and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Full training such as Personal and Professional developments
  • Free personalized account in the
  • Full access to our ALJT Realty exclusive listings
  • You may work from home, office or any other location
  • We will teach you to earn more for the education of your children, and for other family needs.

Please email us at

ALJT Realty has a full commitment in helping others, if you are undecided just try! nothing to lose here just try for a few months to 1 year you may quit if our training would not work for you.

Friendly reminder to our beloved buyers:

House and Lot Buyer: ALJT sellers would only recommend the most trusted subdivisions and developers in Cebu considering the knowledge and expertise as well as the experience of our long practice in the Real Estate Service in Cebu, Philippines based on location, type of property, and price.

Condominium Buyer: ALJT sellers would only recommend the most trusted developers in Cebu considering the knowledge and expertise as well as the experience of our long practice in the Real Estate Service in Cebu, Philippines based on location, type of property, price, reputation of the Architect and the Engineer.

Lot Buyer: ALJT sellers would only recommend lot, farm and land in Cebu considering the knowledge and expertise as well as the experience of our long practice in the Real Estate Service in Cebu, Philippines based on cleanliness and genuineness of title and tax declaration free from any encumbrances like mortgages after verifying from the government offices concerned.

Note: If somebody is acting as your adviser please determine first if he or she has the authority as a Real Estate Professional considering his education, experience, number of years in the real estate service, training, family background, and his personal background as Real Estate Professional. Do not let yourself a victim of dishonest and greedy people who direct you to a wrong investment. Thank you.

A friendly reminder brought to you by:

ANTONIO BERNALES, REB, MA, LLB, Software Engineer, SEO Specialist, Church Pastor, Proprietor and a managing Broker of ALJT Realty and Brokerage Centro, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

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Looking for a place like home?

The Team ALJT Realty and Brokerage lead by Realtor Antonio R. Bernales MA, LLB, REB, Software Engineer, Pastor will give and share their knowledge to the home seekers in Mactan Lapu Lapu City at Island Center Mall on August 27, 2018 to September 1, 2018. They are selling the hot and most cheapest properties in the entire Island developed by Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation. A brief idea of what they are selling. They are selling the Park Place II Subdivision. It is also known as a Home of Golden Opportunities. The Community: Park Place II offers spacious and contemporary Twin Homes and Single attached Units with the greenish and crystal blue view of mangrove and sea water of the Mactan Channel that would boost your soul and spirit and will heal your diseases with the negative ions by the sea breeze and will make calm your aging nerves. They are inviting you to reside this amazing community as it is described as the Home of Golden Opportunities. Features and Amenities: Wide roads ranging from 12 meters main road to 8 meters secondary road. Landscaped entrance gate and guardhouse, parks, and 24/7 security. Fully armed with community amenities such as the new village Clubhouse, full-sized Basketball/Volleyball Court, Children's Playground, View Deck, and Seaside Boardwalk. It is located within 1 kilometer radius of major Shopping Malls, Drugstores, Schools, Hospitals, Churches, Public Transportation, and other modern facilities including the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway known as 3rd bridge. The Homes: The main feature of Pueblo de Oro home is a bare unit that gives all opportunity of the owner-buyer to expand responding to the increasing size of family members and flexibility to design the interior according to use and budget. House details: Contemporary Asian-inspired two storey twin home and single attached highlighted by accent decorative molding, large windows, earth-tone color palette. Floor area of 65 sq. m. with provision for expansion. Available in Classic which is bare unit and Premium which is fully finished upon turnover with minimum lot area of 88 sq. m.

About Us


ALJT Realty and Brokerage is the arm of Sound of God's Trumpet Church Inc.

Almighty Lord Jesus Trumpet Realty and Brokerage, in short ALJT Realty as it is known, is an established Cebu Based Realty. The company is primarily engaged in providing House and Lot, Lot only, Farm Land, Condominium including Services such as Rentals and Documentations and related services for various clients within the Real Estate Industry.

Based on growing Real Estate developments and its competitions and demands, ALJT Realty welcome the idea of Networking System to provide a comprehensive and competitive performance within its Sellers Family as well as strengthen the marketing strategies by adopting tools in Online Marketing using its own Official Website, Responsive Sales Report System, Payoff Professional Fee System, Client Relation Management System, Marketing Lead Generation System Automation as a whole and partnered with the Property Portal in Cebu, Philippines the (under construction website) to provide the most effective and efficient solutions for every developments need in lead generations.

We at ALJT Realty takes pride in the Name of our Almighty Lord Jesus to our commitment with our Employees, Partner Developers, and Seller Members and our longstanding client-oriented relationships by sharing our expertise, training and guidance as well as providing them affordable and quality house within their budget and even to the highest rewards of investment.

ALJT Realty employs a hands-on philosophy by means of field works and office works. Be it hired as the partner and seller, we take pride by staffing the project with competent Real Estate professionals and skilled sellers in every discipline involved. In doing so, we assure not only the reputation built by our company but as well as the assurance to our valued clients that our commitment from the site tour up to the turnover of the unit is our utmost importance that we are at their side. All of our projects have the support of the office staff which composed of highly experienced Salespersons, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Appraisers, and Real Estate Consultants. ALJT Realty is more than willing to engage in a more challenging and specific tasked which our future clients would request from us.

ALJT Realty and Brokerage has its commitment to help the government to solve unemployment in the Philippines. Hence, all ALJT Realty Members who are good in Real Estate and interested to continue after a given few months training in selling and passed the evaluation stage and including personal development character building training, this member is obliged to apply for PRC and HLURB Licenses as Salesperson. If she/he will not qualify for the requirements, ALJT Realty and Brokerage will sponsor his/her study in High School taking ALS Program of Department of Education and two year BSREM College Course for free.

ALJT Realty and Brokerage founder ANTONIO R. BERNALES offered these free education and business opportunity to help the government solved the issues of poverty and lack of education in the Philippines.

In addition, ALJT Realty and Brokerage is now very happy to announce to the home seekers with our continues dedication to you our beloved clients and future clients by giving you a chance to earn with us through your referrals, from your friends, relatives, office mates, classmates, family members abroad, and associates for their investments. And if possible you may apply and join us and get your extra income out of your investment. For more details about the process you may contact the broker.

Below are the following tools that the company may offer to the Seller Members:
1. Our own website
2. ALJT Partner (website under construction)
2. Responsive Sales Report System
3. Payoff Professional Fee System
4. Client Relation Management System
5. Marketing Lead Generation System Automation

Provides the following:
1. Office
2. Site tour car
3. Access and free listing in and
4. Online Sales & Marketing training
5. Client handling training
6. Personal Development Character Training
7. Product Knowledge Seminars

ALJT Realty Structure
Presently ALJT Realty and Brokerage is under Sole Proprietorship status, the company is ran and managed by an experienced Real Estate Broker, a duly Licensed and Registered Real Estate Broker, Accredited Realtor, and duly Certified Broker by the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC), Cebu Central Board of Realtors, Inc. (CCBR), and Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) respectively. Seeing the enormous responsibility and challenges to the growing Developments and highly demands in Housing Industry, ALJT Realty is gradually molded into legitimate Networking Realty serving basic service with one objective to help and protect various clientele,” Buyers and Sellers” and to share and distribute wealth to the members of the ALJT Realty family, the Brokers, Appraisers, Consultants, and Salespersons.

Founder's Message:
Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you will make because it involves huge amount of money that can affect the financial status of the family. Here are some guidelines that may help the buyer to get the right house for the family.

Foreigner as buyer
The Foreigner should know that he can own a Condominium unit even if he is not married to a Filipina as provided under the Philippine Condominium Law. If he wants to buy a property other than Condominium Unit. He must choose a most trusted Filipino to act as a dummy. This will require an assistance of a lawyer.

Be prepared for an investment
Buying a House is considered as an investment. Ask yourself these questions: How much can I afford? Do I have enough savings or income to make the payments? Analyze your cash flow and see how much you can afford for a house purchase. Do I have to buy a lot only and build a house with my own design? Do I have to live in the house or for rental purposes only? Buyer must allocate a budget and go directly with the purpose of buying the house to narrow the search.

Know your priorities
Should I buy a house or a condo? If your final decision is a house, you must consider the following choices such as Row house, Townhouse, Duplex house, Single-attached house, or Single-detached house, and add in it the number of storey. There are just some of the options available in the market. Make a list of the features you want in your new home and arrange them in accordance to priorities. Another thing to consider are number of bedrooms, carport space for your cars, landscape garden, swimming pool, security for your safety, location of the subdivision and surroundings, the road for your ingress and egress, public transport, safe for natural calamities like tsunami, flood, landslide, typhoon, storm surge, and earthquake. List down your priorities these may help reduce stress and time in searching your home.

Stick to your budget
If you are fortunate to have sizeable amount set aside, you might want to consider a spot cash payment. Otherwise, there are many options for you to finance your purchase such as Pag-ibig or Bank or In-house financing schemes. Ask for a sample computation and see if this will fit your budget.
Ask for advice. Once you have an idea of the kind of house you are looking for, seek the advice of a License Real Estate Broker or License Real Estate Salesperson. They can point you in the direction of available properties that fits your wants and needs as well as steer you through the paper work and buying process. Because they are licensed professionals, you can be confident that they received the proper training to make sure your transaction flows smoothly.

Commercial purpose
If you are looking a commercial unit you must include the possible customers or clients for your business. You should choose a City for your business. If you want an investment for the house and lot you must choose a particular area a subject of ongoing developments like Lapu Lapu City or North area or to be safe seek the assistance of a License Real Estate Broker for proper guidance. The Broker can give you proper projection of the area whether it has a flat rate price or past-accumulating price.

Safety and Security reason
You should consider buying a house with 24 Hours security services and try to trace up the history of the place in terms of recorded violence related cases. Most especially if you are buying five million worth house. You must treasure your life as much as possible.

Know your Broker
The first thing to consider in engaging the assistance of a Broker is the background of the Broker you want to hire. Is he a trusted one and well equipped with the knowledge and training to guide you properly in the process and can help you for the documentations. Additional factor of a Broker is the knowledge of the law like if he is a graduate of Bachelor of Laws.

Broker's thought
Advice the buyers that it is advisable for them to get a house and lot while they are young to avail a long term loan in the Bank or Pag-ibig Fund to have lower monthly amortization than during their old age where monthly amortization is high because they are restricted by their age to a Long-Term Loan Contract. Mostly, the regret of adults today. By this reason, they rented the house forever. That the monthly Amortization is synonymous to a rental but ultimately you will own the house plus Life insurance. If the borrower would die everything goes to the legal heirs no more obligation of the beneficiary to pay the loan because the insurer will pay the balance or unpaid loan;

Be open to compromise
Once you have seen what is available in the market, consider your options. If location is the most important factor for you but the house you want is beyond your budget, consider getting a different unit or model in the same community. Inner units, for example, tend to be cheaper than corner or end units. If your budget is only for a smaller house, find a house that can easily be expanded to suit your growing family's needs as this will make your renovation hassle-free in the future.

About the Real Estate Broker

He is a Pastor and founder of Sound of God's Trumpet Church, Founded July 7, 2017 duly licensed and registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

A Real Estate Broker and founder of ALJT Realty and Brokerage, founded July 06, 2015 duly licensed and registered by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Former Law Office Staff, Arendain, Pagaran, Seno Law Office
Former Wholesaler & Retailer, Rice, Corn, Feeds and groceries
Former Cebu Jeepney Operator
Former Professor, University of the East-Caloocan Campus
Former Professor , Governor Andres Pascual College-Navotas
Former High School Teacher, Juan Sumulong High School, Arellano University-Manila
Former Programmer/Systems administrator, Management Information Systems Division (MISD) Arellano University, Legarda, Manila
Former Assistant Librarian, Arellano University Law School, Menlo St., Pasay City
Former Security Guard, Jose Abad Santos, Arellano University, Pasay City
Former Janitor/Canteen Boy, Jose Abad Santos, Binondo, Manila
Former Farmer, San Francisco, Mainit, Surigao del Norte

Schools Attended:
Southwestern University - Cebu
Arellano University Law School - Pasay City
Arellano University in Pasay
Arellano University in Legarda, Manila
Governor Andres Pascual College - Navotas
AMA Computer College
Surigao del Norte College of Agriculture and Technology (SNCAT)

Honors and Awards
Dean's Lister - College
Dean's Lister - College of Law
1st Honorable Mentioned - High School
1st Honorable Mentioned - Elementary Level
Outstanding Student Award - High School
Leadership Award - High School
Cadet Colonel and Corp Commander - Citizen's Army Training (CAT)
Cadet Major and Battalion Commander (Advanced)- Reserved Officer Training Course (ROTC)

Pastor, Sound of God's Trumpet Church Inc.
Member, Cebu Central Board of Realtors (CCBR) under the banner of National Real Estate Association (NREA)
Member, Guardian Brotherhood Incorporated (GBI)

The Managing Broker
ALJT Realty and Brokerage

Associate Broker
Realtor Bruce Carlo L. Inopiquez , LLB, REB, REA
Rural Bank of Mandaue

Associate Broker
Realtor Araceli P. Bernales , REB
Senior Analyst
Social Security System - Cebu Branch

Now Hiring Real Estate Salespersons
We aim to expand our area network to Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Agusan, Surigao, Ormoc, Bohol, Aklan, Negros, Leyte, Bacolod, Manila, Quezon City, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Las Pinas, Paranapue, and other areas possible therefore we are searching young individuals who are very Passionate, talented, or ambitious driven Professionals who want to build a career and wanted to become a millionaire in the Real Estate Industry here in ALJT Realty and Brokerage.

ALJT Realty and Brokerage is a successfully established Realty and Brokerage firm operating in Cebu, Philippines. Our company is not just engaged in providing Apartments, Farmland, Townhouses, Condominium and House and Lot for sale but also Property Rentals, Documentations and other relevant services for different clients interested in the Real Estate Industry, which provides an excellent advantage to our accredited salespersons.

Be a partner of ALJT Realty and Brokerage
Why ALJT Realty? ALJT benefits:
1. Professional Fee is 3-8%
2. Accredited in Cebu Developers - name it and we have it.
3. Full documentation support
4. Free digital marketing for your listings
4. Free lead generation
5. Free Trainings and seminars
6. Incentive such as gadgets and International Travel Recognition ceremonies

Good news for the agents
1. No income tax deduction
2. Realty dues is minimal but diminishing until it becomes zero realty dues.

To learn more please email at or call at 236-12-00/5136996 / 09121081510 for complete and competitive support.

Send your application letter to or hand it to our office at P. Zamora St., Centro Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

1. Buy a house with an independent Realty Firm like ALJT Realty and Brokerage so that the agent or broker who will assist you will act as your witness in case the seller/developer incurred a breach of contract such as failure to turn over the unit in a given time or failed to follow the specifications of the house or lot in the contract, example the size of the lot is supposed to be 100 sq.m. but it has turned out to be 90 sq.m., as the case maybe.

2. As much as possible do not buy a house and lot with an in house agent or broker promises many things to you or else you will become a victim like me. You will be alone with your claim against the seller/developer no one will help you in your claims because he/she will not help and depends you or testify in your favor since he/she is an employee of the seller/developer as to say you will be grilled with your on oil.

3. Buy your House and Lot only with an agent or broker who is a partner of a reputable and duly licensed Realty and Brokerage Firm like ALJT Realty and Brokerage, that can be easily contacted and can easily be found in the on line world in case the mobile number or land line number of your agent or broker is out of service since the updated contact numbers can be found in the website of the ALJT Realty and Brokerage Firm anytime as you need it.

4. Buy your House and Lot only with an agent or broker who is a partner of a reputable Realty and Brokerage Firm like ALJT Realty and Brokerage that has a legitimate Realty and Brokerage Office where you can address immediately your problems.

5. If you deal with an agent, ask first who is his/her broker because many agents nowadays who obtained his/her accreditation in the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) with a broker who is in America or Hongkong or employed with no hands on in the Real Estate Business only let their licenses be used by an agent, in that case I am sure that agent could not substitute the knowledge of his broker. In that case you are deprived with your right to be assisted with expert Real Estate Professional whom can served and protect you with your investment.

6. Remember you are investing in your house and lot not just a single peso but millions so do not be a victim of such good only in speaking agent without the supervision of his/her broker. I myself was a victim and I am also a witness of the anger and tears of several victims I have met that is why I tell you the truth.

7. Most of the victims become my clients, most of them were a victims of good speaking agents to let them reserved the unit without first qualifying the buyer's documentations requirements or his/her citizenship issue, if he could comply them all. If you are getting Ready for Occupancy is good because it is possible that only reservation fee will be lost to you but for those pre-selling or for constructions all the equity have paid and reservation fee will be lost, if you have paid 300 thousand that is gone by the wind because of lack of knowledge of the agent who assisted the buyer.

How to earn extra income with your investment and investment of your relatives?
1. If you are planning to buy your own house or you have a relative who is ready to buy a house or lot, my advice is go directly with the ALJT Realty and Brokerage Firm Office and get an appointment with the broker then apply to him/her as an agent of your own or for your relative investment so that you can avail of 3 percent Professional Fee.

2. If you have no time to become an agent you can still earn by giving your referral to the broker of the ALJT Realty and Brokerage Firm to avail of 2 percent Referral Fee.

There are advantages when you purchase a house and lot through ALJT Realty and Brokerage
1. If you want your property to be rented, ALJT Realty and Brokerage has express commitment to help you in finding a lessee through our Website with a thousand of visitors daily.

2. If you want to resell your property or have it assumed by other interested person, the ALJT Realty will also help you through our ALJT Realty Website boosting functionality which can easily answer your need.

3. Do not be afraid and be shy of the recorded achievements of your broker because that only gives you an assurance nga dili masayang ang Professional Fee nga gibayad sa developer sa pag assist namo ninyo

4. Ayaw pud kabalaka nga nitaas ang presyo kay naay agent or broker kay bisan mo deritso ka sa company developer mao ra gihapon ang presyo ug mao ra gihapon ang discount nga ilang mahatag nimo kiso wala kay agent or broker kiso naa kay agent or broker kay regulated ni sa Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) dili man mi pwede mo usab sa price sa developer.

Tambag lang ni kong mo kuha mo ug balay sa agent or broker sa ALJT Realty and Broker
1. Mangutana ang agent or broker sa inyong pangalan kay e check man na sa facebook ug uban pang social media kong dili ba pud agent or broker ang nag inqure sa amoa. Palihog lang pud ug hatag sa inyong name dili man pud mi daotan nga mga tawo.
2. Interbyuhon pud mo sa inyong preference, please lang pud ug hatag ang gipangayo like price range, location, house type, no. of bedroom, and others.
3. Interbyuhon pud mo sa terms, ihatag lang pud inyong idad, basic salary, working abroad ba or local, asa e loan banko ba, pag ibig or in house ba kaha. Kinsa ang principal buyer? Ikaw ba or lain ba kaha. Please cooperate lang pud kay para makahatag pud mi ug good advice ninyo mao man na among basihan sa among recommendation.
4. Mangutana pud mi nga willing pud ba ka mo comply sa mga requirements.
5. Kong decided gani mo nga mo kuha mag pa assist gyud mo sa agent or broker namo sa pag comply sa requirements or pag submit sa mga requirements sa office sa developer kay amo man na trabaho bayaran mi sa developer ug Professional Fee tungod ana ayaw gyud mo ug kaulaw ipakuha gyud na ug ipahatod sa office sa developer para sulit ang inyong pag hire ana niya nga agent or broker.
6. Inig naay kinahanglanon sa developer tawag gyud sa imong ALJT Realty and Brokerage agent or broker kong kalimot ka sa cellphone number visit lang dayon sa atong website naa didto ang tanang contact number nga pwede nimo magamit para ma contact ang agent or broker mas gusto namo na nga magcge ug tawag among client namo para permi ma check ang status sa investment ninyo.
7. Kong kinahanglan mo adto sa banko, pagibig, developer office tawag gyud dayon sa agent or broker pagpakuyog gyud schedule dayon mo para every movement naay mo act as your witness.
8. Ako personally malipay ko kong ang ako buyer mo contact or mo follow up gyud diri nako dili ko ganahan nga ako buyer dili mag pa assist nako kay mura wala koy silbe.
9. Pag pa assist gyud mo para dili mo maglisodlisod ug naa pud mo makat onan diri namo kay amo baya ni profession adlaw adlaw baya mi ani nga trabaho mao daghan gyud mi ug ma share pud ninyo. Opportunity pud na nga mailhan ninyo pag ayo ang inyong broker or agent kay inig mo invest mo pag balik naa na moy tawo nga kasaligan ug dili na mo mahadlok basin buang nga agent or broker inyong maka deal.

Kadtong undecided pa ug nagplano pa lang mo kuha ug house and lot, mao ni inyong buhaton para dili mo mahago pag ayo

1. Contact mo sa agent or broker sa ALJT Realty and Brokerage.
2. Pag padala ug email sa agent or broker ingnon nimo nga magpapangita ka ug balay o yuta ba hinuon, ihatag imong name, property price range, location, house type, lot type, and other details nga gusto nimo. Ug buhaton nimo follow up ka nalang from time to time sa agent or broker.
3. Kong naa kay ganahan pero hurot na mangayo lang ka ug letter of intent copy pa send ka fill apan nimo ug ayaw gyud kalimot sa pag andam ug reservation fee kay kalit kalit raba gyud na ang pag reopen sa developer sa unit. Ayaw ug hatag sa agent or broker sa imong kwarta ha kay bawal na sa amoa kuyugan lang mo didto sa developer ug kamo gyud maoy mo bayad sa reservation didto. Ug kinahanglan nga ang imong ihatag nga telephone numbers kana gyud nga dali ka ma contact or ma contact ka dayon inig tawag kay usually one day ra gyud nang reopen makuha na dayon na ug lain kong magpadugay dugay ka. Kasagaran barato man gud na mao nga hurot dayon.

ALJT Official Website is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines. We provide an effective online platform for leading Real Estate Developers, Agencies, Brokers, and Salespersons that allows them to showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective Buyers. In fact, as a report from Google ad words is number one Realty Firm Property Portal in Cebu.

Looking to buy or rent a property?
Search thousands of Philippine house and lot listings with ease, filtering your search with your preferred area, price and property type.
Find and contact the Real Estate Brokers or Salespersons near you directly via phone call, email or SMS.

Are you a Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Salesperson, Real Estate Agency or Real Estate Developer and want to place your listing here? Please contact us.

How to Post my properties at ALJT Realty?
Ans. Just contact us or send the details to;

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